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Tensions are high in the Central Minnesota.

So what can we do about it? Well, that’s why we are here! We believe that by working together we can make a difference. Through education, facts, stories from the community, and action steps, we can be the change that can bring our community closer together. Often we allow misinformation and dehumanizing stereotypes to make untrue assumptions of our neighbors. By telling our stories, YOUR story, we can give a face to the disenfranchised and show others that there is more to each issue than meets the eye.

Who is your neighbor?

LGBT, Muslims, Christians, Immigrants, Disabled, Homeless, Poor, Women, Whites, Blacks, and on and on. We all have biases. They influence how we treat each other. You don’t have to agree with your neighbor’s lifestyle to promote a culture of respect.  You don’t have to agree on anything to be kind. Our commonality is based in our humanness. Take time to look them in the eye, learn their story, and see how much we all hold in common.

Let’s start to see each other as individuals and set aside our differences to unite as a diverse community.
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